Ecuador, Day 5. Galapagos Islands.

More ocean swells during the night as we traveled from the South side of Isabela Island to the West. The bathroom door in our room is a large, heavy, rolling door set in a track. Made to counter the waves, you really have to put your shoulder into it to open or close it. Last night however, the waves were so big it was rolling open and closed effortlessly, until it finally slammed shut and stuck. The shower stall door was banging around too until I got up to close it and engage the ‘wave’ lock, made not for privacy but simply for waves just like these. Griffin slept through it all.

My back pain continued through the night, a small knot balled up in my lower back that flared up every time I moved. Or breathed. Or lived. I couldn’t go to breakfast this morning, but Griffin the Great brought me French toast and pineapple in bed (he’s such a little adult now, I’m so proud of him). It took some time just to sit up, but that somehow made breakfast all the better.

I decided against going on the morning excursion, but stayed hopeful believing I’d be fine by the afternoon and trusting that everyone else would have a terrible time. They left early, about 7, and were gone about 2 1/2 hours during which I slept, knocked out on the codeine in Gary’s painkillers. Relief there. When they returned I got into the hot tub on the top deck with the boys to try to relieve the muscle knot, but unfortunately it didn’t help.

Still mid-morning, I made my way back to bed while the others went off again for a snorkelling expedition. I was very sorry to miss this one, but I’m trusting this won’t last long. On a related note, my knee that was once so sore seems to be all better, dammit.

When everyone returned from snorkelling, I went down for lunch, hoping I’d feel more limber, but ended up going back to the room again. The afternoon expedition was a tour in the pangas of the shores and coves of the West side of Isabela where we had anchored. Fawn, Gary and the boys all said it was a good afternoon with many sea turtles, Blue Footed Boobies and the ubiquitous iguanas.

Later, I was able to go down for dinner and it was another great meal – the food on board is really good, and again I’m struck by the luxuriousness of this trip. Afterwards, we headed up to the roof deck to take a look at the stars. The night sky here at the Equator is mostly different than at home, and it was interesting to see all the stars out of place. We used an iPad app to tour the sky, and even out in this remote area of the ocean, the compass and GPS worked perfectly, and the boys had fun identifying cool astronomical destinations like Bellatrix and Zaurak.

End of the day now, and my back is no better. I’m starting to wonder how long this will last. Missing this day, I really hope it’s the only one. People have been really nice about it, asking how I am, filling me in on the details of the excursions. I talked about my back problem with Mike and Ian, two doctors on board, and they gave me some new drugs to try and the advice to soldier through it, that I might be able to work it out instead of rest it out. I’ll do that tomorrow as I’m determined not to let this wreck my trip. Better to experience it in pain than not at all.

(March 10, 2012)


8 responses to “Ecuador, Day 5. Galapagos Islands.

  1. Okay! You’ll laugh, but I’ve been saving up the pages! lol. Your writing is so descriptive Scott, I feel like I’m on the adventure. Once again, your pictures are wonderful and inspiring. By the way sweetheart, it sounds like you need to up the physical aspect in your life! πŸ˜‰ I’m noticing things about my body right now; I’m pushing forty-one next month! lol Cheers… can’t wait to hear more!

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