Ecuador, Day 13. Pappallacta.

Restless sleep. I had that dream that I was in a play, about to go on stage but I realized I hadn’t memorized my lines. That dream. I also woke up a number of times during the night feeling short of breath and after a while I got a headache and started feeling nauseous. These are the first symptoms, apparently, of altitude sickness. I took medication for it in the morning and though I’m still feeling light headed, I don’t feel sick anymore. And because the symptoms are similar to having a hangover, you know what that means. I’m banking this medication for my next bender.

Buffet breakfast, typical hotel style (fresh pineapple so good I plan to smuggle some back to Canada), and then a whole lot of… nothing. I read by the poolside, took a very leisurely walk with Gary and the boys while Fawn was at the spa, then slipped into the hot pools (holy caliente!) and had a shower. Such is the life we’re living this morning.

Fawn bowed out from lunch, her turn not feeling well, and it was quickly back to doing nothing. Well that’s not true. Importantly, I got past a level in Angry Birds that I had been stuck on. I plan specifically to make that my greatest accomplishment of the day.

This afternoon I took a walk with the boys while Fawn slept, checking out the beginning of a self-guided trail up the hills behind the resort. Bridges, mud and dirt, horses, cows and llamas. And a clear view of the snow peaked Antisana Volcano to the South. Oakley was really excited about it, quite amazed by the detail in the rock and snow, saying that it was so much better to see it in person than he could have imagined, even after seeing pictures of other similar mountains. I completely agreed. On the way back, we sang to the llamas and made Dalai Lama jokes. I think the llamas liked them, but one did look like it was going to spit on us, so maybe not.

On then for a massage I had booked at the spa (me, at a SPA!). Holy crap, did it feel good. Back, neck, shoulders, scalp. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to wind all the way down, I need to do that more often. My back has improved so much since those days in Galapagos. Having a problem like that definitely makes you appreciate when your body is working well.

Dinner and drinks then, and the day ended the same way, relaxed, sleepy and uneventful. Perfect.

(March 18, 2012.)


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